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Sep 26, Normally I hate spoofs. They are generally unfunny and pointless. But if everyfilmin has proved anything to me, it's that there are exceptions to every rule. And with that in mind, I put forward the case of Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Eli Craig's movie is not just a lampoon of all of those 'kids go on holiday in the. Oct 23, Film: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil () Dir: Eli Craig Rating: ****1/2 out of 5 stars. Horror-comedies were big in the s, but sort of dwindled in the s. In , Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead revitalized the sub-genre, and ever since, there have been dozens and dozens of them released. Some are. Jan 25, Wikipedia tells me that this was a Canadian production, but I won't hold that against it, because Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a delightful movie. It starts out looking pretty cliched. A van of college kids is driving up to the woods for a camping trip. Along the way, they stop at a gas station where they are intimidated.

Oct 13, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is one such film. At it's core is a very basic, well-worn premise – some kids go into the . of a time before the general public gets to see it. What say you? P.S. Loved the song during the end credits by Mass Undergoe (' I Dug My Grave and Walked Away') - I need it on Mp3 post-haste!. Oct 24, In truth, the opening scene of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – an obvious homage and persiflage of both the ever-popular introductory death scene of dead teenager films as well as the generic Blair Witch Project () through-the-viewfinder technique – doesn't help to build any faith in that which is to come. Oct 16, I had little hope for Tucker and Dale vs. Evil on the parody front. For one thing, the hillbilly slasher films are so poorly done as a group that they already operate as parody. Indeed, there's very little left to laugh at in those films because you've already rolled your eyes at everything that can be parodied as you.

Dec 15, In the past year or so, I have become somewhat burned out on horror comedy. It seems like almost every horror flick that comes out these days has it's tongue in its cheek and its head up its self referential ass. I was reminded of this at the Buried Alive Film Festival recently. There were a lot of great. Feb 5, This week on the Talk Without Rhythm Podcast we have a double feature of stereotype-busting comedy hybrids set in the great state of West Virginia: 's Tucker and Dale VS Evil and 's Logan Lucky. These films were picked by TWoRP Elite Patron Caitlin, and she was nice enough to swing by and. May 30, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a little Horror Comedy filled with "no name" actors, that works ridiculously well within its confines. It also has a fat guy in it, which instantly makes it more credible as far as bumbling duo flicks go. T&D is about two rubes who decide to take them a fancy vacation in the mountains.


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