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i was wondering if nobody tryed to disable the original launcher with llama or automate. I actually use FTVStick with llama and 1 rule. If the "Handy" restarts, launch Appstarter. When FireTV is Turned on, a few seconds after Booting up, llama start Appstarter. I dont need the Original Amazon menu and want. I have been recently setting up Fire TV sticks (6 total) and they have all gone flawlessly once I established a routine. Im using adbfire to. 30 Jan For those with the new 4k firetv can you install llama to be able to have kodi in the home screen. Thanks.

I have followed the Wiki on using Llama to start XBMC from a main menu shortcut on the Fire TV. Amazon_Fire_TV# Launch_XBMC_from_an_Existing_App_on_the_FTV_Home_Screen (wiki) However, the app it suggests 'hijacking' to start XBMC is 'Classic TV'. That app is not available in the UK. It says. 26 Nov In the meantime, if you install The Llama app on your FireTV (This can be sideloaded without rooting) then you can set up any app as a 'sacrificial app' which, when clicking it's icon, it launches FiredTVLauncher instead. I used to use this to launch Kodi / XBMC before I had FiredTVLauncher installed. 7 Mar Sideloaded apps like Kodi, XBMC, and SPMC are inconvenient to launch since they don't show up on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick's Home and Method 1: Smartphone app in the Amazon Appstore; Method 2: Llama Redirect; Method 3 : Sideload the Amazon Appstore smartphone APK; Method 4.

Active application. 6. Click Choose an app, select Classic TV, and hit OK. Choose an app. Select Classic TV. 7. Click Add Action and select Run Application. Add Action. Run Application. 8. Select Kodi (XBMC). Select Kodi. The event will now be created. You can exit Llama. Now every time you launch Classic TV, XBMC will. LLAMA SHORTCUT ON FIRE STICK NO COMPUTER NEEDED. - YouTube. In the previous step adbFire app copied some Llama automating rules to your Amazon Fire TV. Now, you will have to import those settings into the Llama app. So go to Setting s -> Applications -> Manage All Installed Applications -> Llama - > Launch Application. [Read: 10 Tweaks to.


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