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22 Oct 3DCG Hair DL: TAHHAIR DL: www. tahhair DL: & 3DCG Hair. TSOView is open source 3D Custom Girl model manipulation framework. It is composed by very a lot of tools. All source codes of those programs are open to the public. If this source code is used, the tool of 3D Custom Girl will be able to be made soon. It is possible to do easily only by compiling the TDCG assembly, adding. 23 Mar And for you guys who are reading my post here, as someone who's in love with NJXA mods, I found this here, NJXA 3 mod at this website Click the uploader on the top right corner of the page and download the NJXA 3 mod. Add hair colors using TAH Hair. Wow, another NJXA!.

5 Mar MikuMikuDance* - The hair textures will work best on hair models that came from 3D Custom Girl game originally. . The TAHhair software is for applying ComiPo hair texture on 3DCG Hair models, and use it in 3D Custom Girl game, while you need Metasequoia to apply the textures on OBJ/MQO hair. 1 May Also I'm not concerned with editing hair transparency for 3DCG, but only MMD. The only hair I'm trying to manually edit to make transparent is just one model for MMD (Piron's Luka). But if you run into the same problem I did with the hair mod in TAHhair I provided and figure out an easier way to create. 26 Nov An anon's pose collection(~1, poses). ?d6ah4krbe4ava0w. An anon' file collection, for use with TMOProportion: ?pkk56epf7xva53c. Someone's TAHHair folder(contains a program which lets you add.

I've been messing around with editing 3D Custom Girl mods again and I figured I' d share the results with all of you. without eyeholes, a latex face mask, latex goop on the body, a latex blob around the entire body (as if the girl is covered in a thick layer of liquid latex) and tahhair files for creating latex hair. 6 Sep by TDCG/3DCG (3D Custom Girl XP) & Illust Studio / GIMP Black Rock Shooter. I think tah version should be 3 idk or 10 or whatever the color set njxa3 if you re using the tahhair from the mediafire, then the color set named njxa3. mmd/3dcg mall stage dl by onimau Hey, at least i can make kumi without any mods now . that is an extra plus for this game. 3. 3dcg rin kokone piails dl by gu.


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