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Iphone 3gs old software

24 Jun Update: If you're on 3GS and having trouble with this method, reader Richard notes that for 3GS users: "Apple started signing their restore files requiring iTunes to "Phone home" and get permission to restore. Usually within 24 hours of a new firmware release, Apple stops signing the old versions preventing. Download the current version to a computer or compatible iOS device, click here, and try following the instructions. (). When updates are available, you can upgrade the software on your Apple iPhone 3GS for new features. Here, we show you how to update the software wirelessly ("over the air").

19 Sep One of the iOS platform's advantages over its competitors is that official software updates are not just provided to older devices, but provided in a timely manner on a single date. It gives older phones and tablets a nice longevity boost, and allows Apple to continue selling older hardware that works and acts. 24 Sep iOS 4 was particularly notorious for heaping too much on the plate of previous devices, resulting in many users complaining that they were better off not upgrading. Since then, Apple appears to have worked hard to keep older devices from being negatively impacted by new software updates, paring down. 3 Jul George Hotz, the year old wiz kid who made headlines two years ago for being the first to successfully unlock Apple's original iPhone all by himself, is again drawing the spotlight for creating and releasing the first-ever jailbreaking tool for the new iPhone 3GS. Dubbed "purplera1n," the software is.

29 Dec While there's a growing number of amazing apps and games on the App Store, not all iPhones provide the best gaming experience – especially older iPhones that are getting a little long in the tooth. However, while the likes of the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 can't quite provide the same processing power as. Want to jailbreak and unlock but need to know how to tell what bootrom your iPhone 3GS is running? There are two numbers in your settings that will be a dead giveaway as to what bootrom your phone has. You'll need to know how to determine your bootrom in certain situations if you want to achieve a software unlock. You may be able to find a modern copy of WhatsApp that is compatible with your model of iPhone on Cydia, as I know software is often maintained for older devices on there. Alternatively you should be able to install an older version of WhatsApp that is compatible with your device through Installous.


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