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Cheech and chong up in smoke soundtrack

Up in Smoke is the soundtrack for the Cheech & Chong film Up in Smoke. Released in , the album featured music and audio excerpts from the film. The album was originally released in by Warner Bros. Records. It was released on compact disc in The only track not performed by the duo is War's Maybe I'm crazy (or just not getting the right stuff), but Cheech and Chong's humor can sometimes wear a little thin over the course of a complete album. And they are definitely not accomplished enough musicians to fill an album worth of great music. But this is half and half, which makes it my favorite album of theirs. A1, –No Artist, The Finkelstein Shit Kid, A2, –Cheech & Chong, Up In Smoke, A3, –War, Low Rider, A4, –No Artist, 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, A5, –Cheech & Chong, Framed. Producer – Leiber & Stoller. A6, –Search Boys, Searchin'. Producer – Leiber & Stoller. A7, –No Artist, The Ajax Lady,

Soundtrack Credits. Up In Smoke New lyrics and Music and Lyrics by Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong. Low Rider (uncredited) Written by Jerry Goldstein, Harold R. Brown, Thomas Allen, Morris D. Dickerson, Howard E. Scott, Lonnie Jordan, Lee Oskar, Charles Miller Performed by War. Framed Written by Jerry Leiber & Mike. 1. The Finkelstein Shit Kid · Tommy Chong / Cheech Marin · Cheech & Chong. 0: 2. Up in Smoke · Tommy Chong / Cheech Marin · Cheech & Chong. 3. Low Rider · Papa Dee Allen / Harold Brown / Morris "B.B." Dickerson / Jerry Goldstein / Lonnie Jordan / Charles Miller / Lee Oskar / Howard Scott · Cheech & Chong. 5, Framed, , $ Buy MP3 Song. 6, Searchin' Cheech & Chong SEARCHING Lyrics, , $ Buy MP3 Song. 7, Ajax Lady, The, , $ Buy MP3 Song. 8, Strawberry's, , $ Buy MP3 Song. Additional Track Information Up in Smoke Soundtrack CD music. 9, Here Come the Mounties to the Rescue.

2, Up In Smoke · , 3, Low Rider - War (full name) · , 4, 1st Gear, 2nd Gear · http:// , 5, Framed · samples/c/h/, 6, Searchin · , 7, The Ajax Lady.


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