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Ps1 game saves

Alright, so, I'm trying to download some game saves from PS1 games from GameFAQs then putting them onto my USB drive, then upload the to my PS3. However, whenever I download the files from the site, they are format, and I know they should be format for the Virtual Memory Card. I try changing it to. 25 Apr Does anybody here know where I can download psx save games, Im looking for metal gear save game on disc 2, because my disc one is broken. Thanks in. How do I transfer PS1 Game Saves to my PS1/PS2 memory card? up and then you can play with the saves on your PS1 memcard NOTE: Even though you may be able to transfer the saves and play the games with that save game data, you CANNOT save the ps1 game saves on the PS2 MC while.

4 Dec Transfer-PS1-Save-Files-To-Memory-Card Today's guide will quickly run you through writing your Playstation 1 save game files onto a physical memory card. This method is perfect if you have downloaded save games from the internet or even if you have save games from an emulator. Another benefit to. PC PlayStation emulator (files with extension); The Virtual Game Station Macintosh PlayStation emulator (files with extension). The free PSXGameEdit software should be used if you need to convert ,.GME, or other file into another format. It also can convert game saves between the US, European. How to Save PS1 Games on PS3. This is an article teaching you how to save your ps1/ps2 games on the ps3. Go to the game tab of the menu.

I picked up the Memcard unit for my PS3 back when I first got it and was able to move over my PS2 saves to my PS3. however, I have a "Non Sony" PS1 memory card, the PS3 will not recognize it. I thought maybe I'd rip it over to my PC and then to a USB thumb drive then again over to my PS3 - but the PC won't even . 31 Dec Default. You can download saves from cheat sites like GameWinners and GameFAQs but you wont be able to use the ps1 game saves with the psp, because POPs saves the games in psp format, instead of PSX format.. Hopefully a converter will maybe come along:\.


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